Sponsorship Opportunities:

Integrated Achievers’ – A unique platform that provides networking and branding opportunities for various companies in the B2B space. Our summits and events are dedicated to building a better and changing India. We offer great business/networking opportunities and brand positioning in the B2B space with the following incentives:

*  Promote your corporate brand to industry leaders.
*  Network with the most influential people in the industry.
*  Get maximum exposure and promote your brand in the community.
*  Promote your company/brand to industry leaders by using your logo in incentive marketing campaigns.
*  Develop partnerships and business contacts.
*  Gain a better understanding of business opportunities in India.
*  Advertise to media and press offices related to the event.
*  Build relationships with nominees and industry champions.
*  Meet with potential clients and entertain existing clients.
*  Meet with prospects and customers face-to-face.
*  Position your company among market leaders.
*  Active buyers coming to you – an easy way to shorten your sales cycle.
*  Introducing new products and services.
*  Build and increase brand awareness.
*  Network with industry.

Thank you for taking the time to review our sponsorship program. Please choose the one that best suits your business and the level of support you are willing to provide for it. For any questions, please Call:  +91-9711147149 or +91 8130510800 or E-mail:  info@integratedachieveres.com

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